Butyl Pond Liners

Butyl pond liners have successfully been used to line ponds, lakes and reservoirs for the past 40+ years due to their life-long characteristics, flexibility and ability to accommodate ground movement.

Physical properties provided by Butyl pond liners

  • - Flexible with high puncture resistance
  • - Excellent elongation properties
  • - Leak-proof qualities offering a highly effective water-tight membrane
  • - UV stable and therefore can withstand longer exposure to the sun 
  • - Easily repairable
  • - Can be readily manipulated around ground contours

A very popular choice for the past 5 decades due to exceptional physical properties, flexibility and its ability to accommodate ground movement. However, Butyl rubber has substantially increased in price. For this reason Epalyn EP has become our main pond lining membrane. Epalyn EP offers very similar technical specifications and even shows some superior properties. Butyl rubber is still available for bespoke projects and box-welded pond liners. 

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Butyl Pond Liner from Russetts Developments Ltd