Pond Repair Materials

Waterproof sealant 

Pond and Aquarium Fixer Sealant

RDL adhesive solution is based on hybrid polymers for flexible and durable seals. Highly resistant to ageing and atmospheric conditions.  

The adhesive seals underwater, can be applied to a wide range of different materials. it is solvent free, non-toxic to marine and fish life, easy to use and offers instant repair.

Applications: Pond Liners (Butyl and EPDM), glass, stone, concrete, ceramic, wood and metal. Bonds underwater.

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Pond and aquarium waterproof sealant 80ml

Pond liner waterproof repair sealant now also available in a handy 80ml tube. This convenient size tube offers a Pond and aquarium repair sealant 80ml tubehighly effective and fantastic value for money repair sealant.

To apply, first clean the surface of your pond liner of all traces of grime and algae. Use it in conjunction with the pond liner repair strip.

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Pond Repair Kit

RDL pond repair kits should only be used on flat supported areas where tensile stresses to the supporting pond liner are minimal. It should not be used to repair a damaged pond liner that is likely to be folded or creased. If this is unavoidable the liner must be repositioned to ensure the repaired area is laid flat and free from folds. Pond liner repair kit

The repair kit contains all the items needed to repair a small tear or hole to a pond liner including full step-by-step instructions.

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Mastic Tape

Mastic is a 5mm thick double sided sticky butyl tape. Used for minor pond liner repairs and for sticking  waterfall liners to the main pond liner. Make sure the surfaces are clean and clear from debris. lay flat and peel off the Mastic tape release film, place between two pieces of material and use roller to seal. Not ideal for use under static water.

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Stickseal Pond Liner Repair Strip

The self-adhesive Stickseal pond liner repair strip consists of 1.0mm EPDM rubber layer incorporating aStickseal pond repair  polyester textile scrim and a 0.6mm sticky Butyl based adhesive backing. The Stickseal repair strip can be used to repair small holes and tears in both EPDM and Butyl pond liners. To prevent uplift of the patch a bead of Sealant 5590 can be applied around the patch circumference. 

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Sealant 5590Pond repair accessories

A Silicon based black mastic sealant paste that comes in a tube. Used as a lap seal and a sealant. Tubes fit nicely into a Silicon gun. Adheres to rubber, stone, concrete, plastics and metal if free from grease and dust.