Corrugated Water Tanks and Liners

RDL supply galvanized corrugated water storage tanks in a range of sizes to suit most needs. Along with the water storage tank components we provide a 1.0mm EPDM rubber tank liner fitted with our “Easifit” hanging system. RDL corrugated water storage tanks and Easifit tank liner installation system

Easifit tank liner installation system

The RDL ‘Easifit’ tank liner system incorporates a reinforced rubber strip at the top of the liner wall with a double row of holes to correspond with the bolt pattern in the rim of the corrugated water storage tank. The reinforced rubber strip is fitted over the top edge of the tank and secured with bolts. Our ‘Easifit’ tank liner system can be fitted into existing and new tanks using non specialist fitters and can be made to any size required.

The RDL ‘Easifit’ system allows the relining of corrugated water storage tanks with existing roofs, without the need to remove the roof first, as is normally required with the standard fixing methods.

Water storage tank protective tank liners

RDL are able to offer a very reasonably priced stitched full height one piece Geotextile matting bags, which are easily incorporated into the “Easifit” system available as an optional extra. The protective Geotextile matting bag is installed under the tank liner providing excellent protection and prolonging the life of the tank liner by protecting it from the rough corrugated sheets and also removes the need for a sand or concrete filed around the base of the tank. Corrugated water storage tanks and tank liners as supplied by RDL

RDL offer a full erection and fitting service using our trained installers or we can just supply the complete kits or tank liners for you to install.

Please contact us if you require more information on our water storage tanks and tank liner system or for any pricing.