Frequently Asked Questions

Do you offer a guarantee on the liners you supply?

A: We offer a lifetime guarantee on Butyl and EPDM rubber liner orders under 100 square meters in size and lifetime for orders of PVC liners under 80 square meters in size.  For dimensions greater than 100 square meters for Butyl and EPDM liner orders we offer a  25 year guarantee and 15 years for PVC orders.

What is the difference between a Butyl and EPDM rubber liners?

A: EPDM and Butyl are rubber liners with very similar properties and only minor differences between them. Both products are of a very high quality and hence their use in water containment solutions such as for lining water storage tanks, pond, lakes and slurry lagoons. EPDM and Butyl rubber liners offer the following features:

  • highly flexible, 
  • high elongation and tensile strength,
  • non-toxic to plants and wildlife, making them ideal for lining wildlife water gardens and fish ponds as they don’t affect the ecosystem adversely,
  • UV and adverse weather resistant, 
  • easy to install and require very little maintenance after installation,
  • should they get damaged, they are both easy to repair. 

There are, however some differences between the two liners. Butyl is flexible because it contains more than 50 percent butyl polymer. EPDM is made with 100 per cent EPDM polymer and exceeds Butyl in 60% of physical properties tested:

  • Slightly higher UV stability
  • More tolerant to weather extremes
  • Moulds well to the surface upon which it is installed
  • Greater tear and tensile strength
  • Cheaper than Butyl

For more details, visit our page on EPDM (Epalyn) rubber liners

How do you work out what size the pond liner should be?

To calculate the pond liner and protective underlay sizes you need to order, take the maximum depth, maximum length and maximum width measurements of the hole you have dug for your water feature. The following calculation will give you the dimensions you need to order.

Now, add one side (Length or Width) to two times the depth plus amount needed for the overlap.  It is two times the depth of the pond because the pond liner and protective pond underlay need to go down one side of the pond and back up the other side.  

Once you have one side (Length or Width), you then need to do the other.  The calculation will look like this:

Length + (2 x Depth) +2” = Total Length of Liner

Width + (2 x Depth) + 2” = Total Width of Liner

Occasionally you may need to round the dimensions up or down because the pond liner you want to order is cut in 'off a role' of fixed increments.

The dimensions required can be calculated as: 

maximum length + (2 x maximum depth of pond) x maximum width + (2 x maximum depth)

Why order a box welded pond liner rather than a flat sheet liner?

A: box-welded liner is ideal for ornamental pond designs - particularly those built to house Koi fish. The tailored fit of a box-welded liner eliminates unsightly folds thereby limiting bacterial build-up behind folds in the liner maintaining healthy water quality which is very important for Koi.  

How do I fit a box-welded liner when I receive it?

A: When you place your order we will explain how to fit it. However, if you are apprehensive about the fitting, contact us and we will happily talk you through the process.     

What is a flange or lip and why do I need to included this in a pond liner order?

A:  A flange or lip is the extra length of liner around the top which is used for anchoring it into position. Normally, our box-welded liners will come with a minimum of 4″ to 6″ flange with corners welded. If a larger flange is required, please advise when ordering.

Do box-welded pond liners have to be a standard size or shape?

A: No - box-welded liners are welded based on vertical sided pond design requirements. Should you decide to opt for an irregular shaped pond, we specialise in making bespoke liners exactly for your requirement. In some circumstances, this may involve constructing the whole liner on site. Again, contact us to discuss your designs.

Do I need to add a protective underlay liner before installing a box-welded or flexible pond liner?

A: It is highly recommended that you use some form of protective cushioning for the liner. 

How much is delivery?

A: The delivery charge quoted depends on the weight and size of order. A standard box-welded pond liner order is £15.50 for delivery whereas an order for lining a portable water tank is based on the dimensions of the tank liner order.

Can we have it delivered direct to the customer? Yes